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The Hotline is staffed and managed by a respected company that is not affiliated with Harvard University and provides this service to employees under contract. Please read About the Hotline to better understand the reporting process.

There are two ways to report:



The Hotline is a toll-free, 24-hour-a-day resource to report concerns if you do not feel comfortable speaking with a supervisor or other resource.

When you call the Anonymous Reporting Hotline, a trained communications specialist will ask you a series of questions to better understand the nature of your concern. No call tracing or recording devices are ever used, and if you wish, you may remain anonymous. The specialist will prepare a report that is sent directly to senior management for review, and if necessary, investigation.

Communication specialists are experts in both collecting the right information on incidents and making sure you are protected. They will never take sides and will act only as unbiased, third-party professionals concerned with your best interests.

At the end of your call, you will be given a Report Key and password. Should you desire to follow up on the status of your report, or want to provide additional information you may have initially forgotten, simply call back and reference this information.

Submit a Report Online


When you report via the Hotline’s website, you are directed to a form where you are able to describe your concern. You are able to remain anonymous in the web reporting process. You will create a password and be issued a Report Key so you can log back in to check on the status of your report.